Legislation Passed Subject to Appropriations (S2A)


The Office of the Budget Director is responsible for circulating quarterly reports identifying the bills adopted to Council that are subject to including in a budget and financial plan (otherwise known as “subject to appropriations”).

When a bill is passed subject to appropriations, it means the bill’s provisions are not applicable and will not be implemented until the underlying costs of the measure are funded. The spreadsheet linked below lists each measure passed subject to appropriations and whether it remains unfunded.

Council Legislation Passed Subject to Appropriations, as of March 21, 2019

Some information of note:

  • In Council Period 22, the Council passed 90 measures that were, in whole or in part, subject to inclusion in a budget and financial plan – this is the highest number of measures in a single Council period and nearly double what was passed S2A in Council Period 21

  • Of those 90 measures, 71 are currently unfunded

  • Of the 50 measures passed S2A in Council Period 21, nine remain unfunded. Seven of those will be subject to repeal in the FY20 Budget Support Act (the other two were partially funded in the FY19 budget, making them ineligible for repeal until the FY21 budget)